Life Alert Meet LifeSentry

When caring for family members who might be housebound, immobile or who suffer from conditions that require monitoring, you need to find a secure way to ensure a personal emergency response team can be on hand. No one wants to worry about their loved ones when they are away from them. More importantly, your loved ones want the independence they previously experienced without relying on relatives to get around. Oklahoma Protective Services offers LifeSentry as an excellent option in providing medical security for you and your loved ones.

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LifeSentry - Your Personal Emergency Response System

LifeSentry is a unique monitoring alert system designed for senior citizens and those who need medical assistance as a way to easily contact an emergency response team. With just a push of a button, this device can summon assistance at any time of the day. You then simply speak into the communicator and someone is there to help you.

The alert system operates twenty-four hours a day and allows seniors and others with medical conditions to live independently without the care of a nursing home. More importantly, your worries about your loved one’s safety are allayed, and you do not necessarily have to resort to moving them to an assisted residential living community.

LifeSentry can be carried in different ways and comes with a lanyard, wrist strap and belt clip. The device uses a two-way voice communication for coverage in and around the home. It is water-resistant, so you can take it into the shower or bath with you. There are also wall communicators available to place in strategic areas of your home.

Watch this video on YouTube to find out how LifeSentry works and how it can help you.

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The Benefits

One of the benefits of this alert system is that they are an inexpensive option of providing individuals with medical conditions some independence. This personal emergency response system provides assistance that cell phones do not. You don’t always carry your cell phone with you and if an accident happens you need the ability to get in touch with someone to help you immediately.

LifeSentry is always on you to ensure your safety. They can be worn discreetly, and they offer GPS-enabled options for easily monitoring your location. An additional benefit is that the monitoring company can call a family member who can come to assist you, deferring the cost of an ambulance ride.


A Solution To A Personal Response Emergency Team

No one ever wants an emergency to happen in the family, but the best response is preparedness. Furthermore, your loved one’s needs are of importance, so you do not want to take the chance they will be left alone without help during an emergency.

We, at Oklahoma Protective Services, can help assist you with making sure your relative has the best in a personal emergency response system. We can provide you with a few options that can alleviate any worry about your relative while allowing them the freedom to live independently.