Tulsa’s Professional Security Team

Oklahoma Protective Services offers security systems in Tulsa, OK providing customers with a variety of security plans to both commercial and residential buildings. With our technicians combined experience, we have a team that can accurately assess weaknesses in your residential or business security and advise you on the most appropriate security measure to take.

Here, at Oklahoma Protective Services, we know the difficulties that come with finding a security system that will both protect your commercial or residential building and alert you when there is a breach in security. Many security companies promise top-notch security systems, but often these packages are extremely overpriced or are not adequate.

We understand the aggravation that comes with searching for the perfect package that offers the best security measures. Our patient team of highly trained specialists can guide you in making the most appropriate choice in residential or commercial security systems.

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As low as $20.00/ month!


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Our team has the experience necessary to accurately assess any problems or weak areas in residential and commercial security, in addition to providing you with solutions for medical safety measures. Working in and around the Tulsa area, we have been providing individuals and companies with great security solutions for their homes and businesses for years.

Our combined expertise can ensure not only we take our time with our customers when doing an assessment, but that we adequately and fairly provide you with all of the available options you have as it relates to securing your home or business.

Our updated technologies will also provide you with the best in security, which will ensure that in case of a home invasion, fire, or worse yet, a medical emergency you will have quick access to the needed personal response team.

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Our Staff

David Cowherd, owner, has more than forty years in the residential and commercial property security. Formally an employee of Guardian Security Systems and OK Pro Security Systems, Cowherd founded the company based on his experience in providing comprehensive security, fire and life safety systems for both homes and retailers.

Casey Smith, manager, has almost thirty years with installing security for residential and commercial properties. Casey joined Oklahoma Protective Services in 2008 after having worked for several other security companies. He is fully licensed to install comprehensive security, fire and life safety systems for residential and commercial businesses.


The Best Of The Best In Alarm Companies Of Tulsa, OK

The combined efforts of the Oklahoma Protective Services team will provide your business or residence with security solutions that serve as the first line of defense in case of home invasion and provide you with access to emergency personnel in case of fire and can outfit relatives with a medical alert system that allows them the freedom to move around independently.