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Your home is your haven. It is the place where you can relax and enjoy the security of knowing that you are in a well-protected environment. Conversely, the worst thing a person can experience is the violation that occurs with a break-in and the insecurity that goes along with living in a home that is not adequately protected.

Tulsa homes have been facing more and more burglary attempts each year. A home security system is one of the better ways to ensure your family and property is protected. Knowing you have a locally monitored alarm system gives you peace of mind. To make matters better, you can get up to a 20% discount on your homeowner's insurance.

Shopping around for home security companies can be daunting. We have been in business locally for 25 years and worked in the security alarm business previous to opening our own business. We saw a better way to provide Tulsa home security and have been following that ideal ever since. When you work with our team of professional installers, we will create a system that both surveys and alerts the authorities of any intruders.

We, at Oklahoma Protective Services, offer you the best home security and monitoring in Tulsa. Our security packages include a variety of technologies that when combined create a security alarm system that is difficult to rival. As a part of our consultation, you will be given the option to choose from among the various products we offer.

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Home Security Tulsa Package Home Security Tulsa Package

Control Panel

Our most popular control panel, the Honeywell Vista-15P , is the heart of your homes alarm system. This control panel receives the signals from all the other products connected to it and makes the determination if a rule has been violated. If a rule is violated, then the control panel sets off an alarm and makes a call to the monitoring center.

This alarm system also supports hardwired expansion, wireless expansion, touchscreen graphic keypads, and two-wire smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, in addition to a host of other functions. When used with a cell-back up unit, this panel can be installed without a traditional land phone line. Check with your consultant to learn more.

supports hardwired

Total Connect home security system Tulsa


Depending on your home, Oklahoma Protective Services will install up to two keypads in your home, one at the front door and one at your garage door to ensure safe entry into your home. We do offer Honeywell’s Total Connect keypads for further convenience, which will allow you to operate your security system through your smart phone. Our team of professional installers can advise you of the best options available for you to secure your doors.

If you are wanting your doors to have access control, we have digital door locks that make entering and exiting the home simple. No more worrying about locking your keys in the house or kids losing their keys. Plus, you can program a different combination for anyone you let enter the house and receive notifications on who comes and goes. The keypads for doors in the home have both digital combination lock (keyless entry) and traditional key entry. That is smart security!

tulsa home security sensors
tulsa home security sensors

Motion Sensors

The PIR Motion Sensors comes with a variety of benefits to those who want home security. This high-performance motion detector affords homeowners security by using extended range Fresnel optics which look down and are tamper resistant. Furthermore, pet owners can adjust sensors to ignore pet movement and other objects that might set it off, resulting in fewer false alarms.

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Placed appropriately by licensed professionals, these sensors will offer wall-to-wall coverage, providing you with the best motion coverage. As a part our consultation, our team can go over the best options to include as a part of a home security package.


As technology has progressed, surveillance cameras have become highly affordable and are one of the best ways to protect your home. These security cameras can be discreetly placed in and around the home, providing you with video monitoring , not just securing your property but your loved ones as well.

If you are interested in security cameras, Oklahoma Protective Services will install FLIR cameras at strategic points outside and inside your home to provide you with the maximum-security surveillance. They come with a smart phone app so that you can monitor your home anywhere. Be sure to discuss your best options with our home security professionals.

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2Gig wireless home Security tulsa

Wireless Home Security

Wireless home security technology has all but removed the need for endless, awkward wiring that makes the exterior and interior of your home look messy. If you prefer, all of the technologies used as a part of your package can be controlled through wireless technology. As a homeowner, this technology gives you access to your property, even when away from home.

One of the things we really love are the touchpad door locks. Worried about your kids losing their keys, no worries, they just punch in their passcode and they are in the house. You can get emails from this letting you know when your kids are home safe. Need to let a worker in and out of the house, you can make them their own passcode. This kind of access door control is very convenient.

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Home Security Tulsa

Contact our team of experts to learn about the many different ways you can secure your home. We offer a variety of packages that can comfortably fit your needs in the Tulsa area. We can install a security system for your home as quickly as you decide your best options. Get your home security system installed professionally by Oklahoma Protective Services.