Monitoring Security Systems Tulsa

All businesses and residential properties benefit from the safeguards that come from local monitoring. Local monitoring is what its name implies and involves the security measures related to surveilling a specific location, namely a house or a building. If an emergency were to happen, whether it is an intrusion or a fire, the alarm goes off and you receive a call in seconds, not minutes. If you don’t answer the authorities are immediately notified.

We use a UL listed, CSAA Five Diamond Certified local monitoring station to provide you with highly trained technicians who understand your area. We have a state of the art facility which utilizes multiple layers so that we are always here for you. You get peace of mind knowing that someone will be there to help you in an emergency.

Our company specializes in a variety of monitoring systems that can keep both your residential and commercial properties secure. We can provide you with both a burglary and fire alarm technologies that will not only secure your property but also help reduce your insurance premium. There are multiple benefits to using this method of security.

monitoring station tulsa
UL Monitoring station tulsa UL Monitoring station tulsa

Experience and Knowledge

While neighborhoods or locations have similar features, each place, whether it is a home or a commercial property, has nuances that separate it from other locations. These nuances can be related to the population that lives in the area, the surrounding buildings, businesses, and other elements that comprise an area. Our team of specialists has the expertise to properly assess both commercial and residential properties to determine the most appropriate type of security system.

As it relates to security systems in Tulsa, Oklahoma Protective Services will effectively identify weaknesses in security and advise you of the best local monitoring for your needs.

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Fast Response Time

You do not have to worry about waiting an excessive amount of time between alerting authorities and their arrival. If your alarm goes off, our monitoring station has a response time on average of 12 seconds. That is a seriously fast response time. In comparison to security systems where individuals have to contact the authorities themselves, local monitoring systems save time, which is of the essence especially during home invasions, fires and medical emergencies.

monitoring station tulsa
why home security is essential why home security is essential

Options for Your Business or Home

Our team of specialists will put together a package that includes a variety of technologies. As a part of an entire package, your house can be outfitted with secure door locks that come with keyless, digital entry, security camera systems that can give you a panoramic view of your property, sensors that can be adjusted to not include pets and other objects, and a camera system that allows you to see your property from any location. For those looking for reasonable security solutions, Oklahoma Protective Services can help you with your needs.

Local Monitoring Solutions for Your Security Systems in Tulsa

One of the best measures against a break-in is having a reliable security system that is designed for your property’s needs. This can really make a difference in the quality of life or the security you and your family experience, whether it is a part of home security system or one for your business. Equally important is having a local monitoring system that will alert authorities if, and when, a fire breaks out in your home or business. We, at Oklahoma Protective Services, will help you get the best in local monitoring systems so that you can protect your family, home and business.