Commercial Security Systems Tulsa

All businesses have to worry about breaches in security, and depending on your location, ensuring that your business is secure is a priority. You could go it alone and try to secure the property through traditional methods of strategically placing cameras in and around the store and by padlocking everything down. However, a tried and true commercial security system in Tulsa can, first and foremost, intimidate and thwart any efforts on the part of criminals to break into the property, giving your business security. With our super speedy Tulsa based alarm monitoring station, you won't have to worry.

No one wants to come to a business in shambles because of a break-in, or worse yet, a fire. Installing a security alarm system can reduce the chances that your business will suffer due to either event, but more importantly, a business class security system can reduce your insurance rates and give you peace of mind. At Oklahoma Protective, our team of professionals will assess your commercial property all for the purpose of providing you with sensible options to securing your business with a variety of technologies.

Business SecuritySystems Tulsa

Control Panel

Honeywell’s Firelite model MS-5UD protects against both fire and burglary. This panel, designed for commercial properties, can be used with up to five partitions and 250 zones using the Digital Alarm Communicator/Transmitter . While it can be used as a part of a burglary alarm system, it can also function solely as a fire monitoring system as well. This technology is suitable for a variety of non-residential properties, which include commercial office buildings, churches, synagogues, banks, schools, strip malls, factories, and warehouses. Contact one of our experts to learn about the different ways this technology can help increase security for your business.

CommercialSecuritySystems Tulsa

Security Cameras

Video surveillance has become more popular as prices for systems have gone down. We can outfit your business with security cameras that perform a number of applications. Of the various types of cameras, your business can be outfitted with either analog based or IP based cameras. They can be installed both inside and outside and have quite a few mounting options available. The camera styles that might comprise a package include panoramic, tilt, zoom, box, mini-dome, and bullet. With a smart phone you can see everything that is transpiring within and without your business. Surveillance systems provide you with an added security that will keep you feeling protected. As a part of our consultation, we can advise you of the numerous options you can choose from as a part of security systems in Tulsa.


Entry Management System

This access control system is designed to use several technologies that prevent break-ins using the Single Door Access System. As a part of your installation package, your business is outfitted with a control panel and keypad that can detect unlawful intrusion. You have the option of door locks that can be either keypad or card swipe. This will let you know who is coming and going and when. Of the various options, securing your business through the Single Door Access Control System is a cost-effective security system.

Business Security Systems Tulsa

Our team of specialists can offer your business reasonable options that can effectively protect you against fire or burglary. Our customers include the Salvation Army, Spartan School of Aeronautics and Henryetta Public Schools. Let Oklahoma Protective Services help you keep your business secure.